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Starcraft Port Tester

Starcraft Port Tester

IP: Your IP
Port: Default Port 6112

Official page #1 (english).
Official page #2 (russian).

Why open port?
- If you want to create games.
- If there are more than 2 persons in game. There can be a maximum of 1 player with the closed port in a game, otherwise terrible lags will begin, besides that it will be heavy to define, because of whom it is lagging. The probability of this should be better reduced to a minimum.

1. Start Starcraft. Connect to any Battle.net server. Login is not necessary.
2. Visit this page.
3. Enter port.
4. Press "send"
5. ???
6. Profit!

How to open port: http://www.portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/Starcraft/Starcraftindex.htm


If you receive a message "Your Internet connection is either very poor or is not processing UDP packets through port 6112" then it means that port 6112 is blocked. In most cases not only one port but all UDP traffic is blocked by your router device or a firewall on your computer.
Also this may be if you use a proxy like VPN connection that doesn't support UDP packets.

Note: Starcraft default port 6112 can be changed in the Windows registry

You might be interested in the article that describes connection between players in Starcraft

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